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Eat Local, Drink Global

Eno Terra is founded on the principle or regionalism and seasonality drawing from local farmers, fishermen, grass fed beef and poultry producers and three season harvests from our Eno Terra Canal farm. We've created an enhanced Enoteca style menu, to complement our Farm to Table multi-course format that we serve with our signature customer-advocating hospitality.

The menu is Italian in sensibility, while the wine list focuses on Italy and the United States with an abundant representation from France and Spain. Eno Terra, in line with the philosophy “Eat Local, Drink Global,” brings together the best of local and regional markets and pairs the cuisine with the best wines from around the world!

Eno Terra is steeped in history and sits on the oldest highway in America, King’s Highway, which was a center point of local commerce.  The restaurant itself is the site of the Fisk General Store and dates back to the 1860s. We are proud to point out that the original beams and original store foundation are still in use in our wine cellar (ask to see them when you visit).

Eno Terra represents the Terra Momo Restaurant Group’s commitment to minimize our environmental footprint and deliver a superior dining experience.